My name is Dace Viksna. I am from Latvia, North Europe. I am working as natural silk flower and women plus size garments designer . When I was a child I start study art at local art school. After primary school I went to Poligraphy art secondary school where I became leather art object designer and maker. But there come a time when all this hand made objects in Latvia was not so popular and I need to work in not so creative business. Some years ago my mum was making a reconstruction at my grandmother house. We are helping her clean all old stuff at attic. And there I found old flower making notes and molds. I was very interested in that and start study what it is. I found that there are old 17th century technology and some of my ancestry was flower maker many, many years ago. So, I start to learn how to revive these old traditions in our century. Now You can see all my efforts in my home page.

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